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General Information on FEI Rides and Competing Abroad.

Applying for Permission.

Apply to the International Committee, via the Endurance GB Office, for permission to compete in your chosen FEI ride by completing the EGB International ride entry form. This form will be stamped by the British Equestrian Federation to confirm your entry acceptance and then forwarded to the relevant Ride Organiser and hosting National Federation,if abroad.


To enter any FEI ride, both the rider and the horse must have met the FEI Novice criteria or be at CEI* level which allows them to compete in that event. For clarification on this subject, please contact the EGB office.


Send a copy of the horse’s Mastercard which will include the results from ALL organisations.  The EGB mastercard must be presented at all FEI rides run under the EGB banner.

FEI Horse & Rider Registration

All horses and riders competing in FEI rides must be registered annually (this was approved at the FEI General Assembly 2005 and replaces the Competitors licence). 


click here to download (pdf) a registration form for each Rider, and click here to download (pdf).a registration form for each Horse requiring registration. The cost is £15 for each Member, and £15 for each  horse, payment may be made online (EGB Services and select FEI) or by cheque.
Registration covers a calendar year, from 1st January to December 31st. FEI registration status can be viewed on the FEI website (https://data.fei.org/) under public documents. This is the only confirmation of current registration.


FEI  Horse/Pony Passport

FEI passports are required for all CEI 2*, 3* or 4* Rides in Great Britain and for ALL FEI Rides abroad.

Apply to the Endurance GB Office for a passport ,click here to download application form (pdf) at least SIX WEEKS prior to the ride. All sections of the horse's existing passport must be correctly completed before an FEI passport will be issued. Eg: ownership must be complete and correct. The document of description must be amended(if required) signed and dated by a Vet.  The vaccination record must be up to date. To avoid delay, ensure that all parts of the application form are fully and correctly completed. Incorrect completion will result in return for correction and thus delay receipt of a valid passport.It is recommended you contact the EGB office prior to posting to confirm timescales and current FEI criteria. Also please see these advisory notes issued by the BEF:

Send the completed form and a cheque (payable to Endurance GB) for £185 (horse) or £70 (pony) for registration. To avoid delay, ensure that all parts of the form are fully and correctly completed.


The Office will process your application and return it to you for signing and or any corrections. Once completed, the passport must be returned to Endurance GB for checking and stamping by the BEF. 


Each part of the process can be expedited on payment of an additional fee (currently £65).


It is recommended that you send the passport and application form to EGB using the Royal Mail Special delivery service. EGB will use the Royal Mail Special Delivery Service for all its passport postage.

FEI Endurance Log Sheet

The FEI now requires that all riders entering an FEI competition have a Log Sheet for the horse entered – click here to download the Log Sheet(doc). This form MUST be prepared on a computer prior to your first ride. Fill out the information at the top of the Form: Name of Horse, Horse Passport Number and FEI Registration Number. The Log Sheet allows the Veterinary staff to track the performance record of the horse, and to determine that the horse has met the mandatory rest periods required in FEI Endurance article 815.3. This log sheet should be completed by the competition staff and taken by the rider from event to event. The log sheet is required to enter an event. You will not be allowed to enter without your current log sheet.  This require careful liaison between rider and owners for  non-rider owned entries.


Passport application form, Horse and Rider registration forms and the endurance log sheet are also available in Ms Word format on the EGB Forms Page


FEI Declaration of Use Form
The FEI now requires that all riders entering an FEI competition have a Declaration of Use form - click here to download the form - This Declaration of Use concerns only the following routes of administration of glucocorticosteroids:

- intra-articular/periarticular/peritendinous/epidural/intradermal injections

- inhalation


Topical preparations when used for dermatological, including iontophoresis/phonophoresis,auricular, nasal, ophthalmic, buccal, gingival and prerianal disorders are not prohibited and do not require any form of Declaration of Use.


FEI Ride Entry Procedure

Apply to the Endurance GB Office for, or download from the FEI web-site:

  • an FEI Ride Schedule for your chosen ride.
  • an FEI Entry Form which must be completed and returned to the Office for stamping by the BEF. If a specific ride entry form is not available then click here to download a general one which can be adapted.

A copy of the Stamped FEI Entry Form will be returned for you to submit to the Ride Organiser, when you pay your Entry Fees.


For FEI Rides run by Endurance GB, a special EGB Ride Entry form in addition to a completed FEI Ride Entry form, may be required. Send this together with the Ride Entry fee to the Ride Organiser by the date stated in the schedule.


The EGB Office will submit all entries for overseas rides:

  • You must complete and return all paperwork by the ‘Nominated Entries’ date
  • you must confirm your intention to compete by email or ‘phone  the day before the ‘ Definite Entry ‘date posted in the schedule.
  • Failure to confirm may mean that your entry cannot be sent.
After the Ride (foreign rides only)

All persons competing abroad MUST:

  • Ensure that their horse’s Mastercard is signed by a member of the Ground Jury or Ride Organisation.
  • On their return, send a photocopy of their vet sheet/card and Mastercard to the Endurance GB office.  Failure to do so may affect future permissions being granted. 
  • Team members competing abroad under the British Flag may have their Mastercard signed by the Chef d’Equipe.

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